The future of innovation


Don Tapscott, author of Grown up Digital and Wikinomics, has just uploaded to Slideshare a presentation he has called, Grown Up Digital: The Net Generation and the Future of Innovation. In it was the above slide. The words on that slide have ecapsulated for me the difficulties we have convincing others of the need to change our approach to education. It is a paradigm shift we are experiencing. We are expecting others to come along for the ride with us and get frustrated when the rate of adoption is slow. We are dealing with disruptive technologies that require teachers to rethink the way they have always done things. It is uncomfortable and people who feel uncomfortable often resist change.

Much to think about in those words. Thanks to Elaine Talbert for alerting me to the presentation via Twitter. See the full presentation from Don below. Visiting the Slideshare site will enable you to view the notes for each slide.  

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2 Replies to “The future of innovation”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    A question – if you are on a journey to make a school a high tech, state of the art school, what do you need and how to prioritise all the various elements? Naturally there are budget constraints and so this will be achieved over a number of years. But where do you start? Do you start with the hardware first. Ensure all teachers have laptops, all classes have DVPs, PCs smartboards, all the latest equipment etc. Once the equipment is in place then comes the training and hopefully the enthusiasm to embrace the various applications and Web 2.0 tools. Or do you start with the training and develop mentors who will train other staff and slowly build up innovative programmes. Join PLN or other networks which will help build up your skill base within the school? What about online admin e.g. online reporting, subject selection etc. We are trying to develop a Technology Plan and the school wants to be a leader in technology. There is lots of discussion on what is needed as a catch up first as we are behind in a number of things. So what does the school invest in first – eqipment or training. Online admin services that will ease the load of teachers e.g. online paperless reporting 0r programmes and applications for teaching. Is there a particular blog or ning that can help us in this journey?
    Oh and to finish, can I add my thanks once again. I have just read your last post about your arch enemy Time. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read this comment (yes, question) and respond. Have a great term.

    1. Angela, there are so many elements to what you are asking it is a blog post in itself to respond. If I find some time I’ll try and write one! Part of it is about having the right teachers with the right mindset in your school and a leadership team who view it as important. If you have that, they need to ensure the time is given to enable teachers to get up to speed and feel confident in adopting new ways of doing things. Identifying key people who can drive change and be supportive of others is also important. Get your vision right and articulate it to your staff. Then tackle what technology requirements are necessary to meet that vision.

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