The tweet that led to Mirka Mora.

On Tuesday evening I put out a tweet on Twitter asking if anyone had a connection to Mirka Mora. My daughter was doing a project based on her life and she would have loved to get the opportunity to interview her. Lauren O’Grady saw my tweet and retweeted it to her network . Lauren has extended her network beyond education and it didn’t take long for a response to come my way. Gina Milicia is a professional photographer who knows Mirka and she let me know that she would talk to her and be in touch.

Wednesday morning Gina rang me to tell me she had spoken to Mirka and she would be happy to speak to my daughter and the other girls who are completing the project with her.  Both of us marvelled at the power of the Twitter network to facilitate something like this. We  both agreed that there is something special about the people there; a willingness to help one another out. It’s a bit like my neighbourhood when I was growing up; people would pitch in to support one another. Twitter feels like that to me.

I rang Mirka and set things up for an afternoon phone call interview. The girls were thrilled. They never expected that they would be actually talking to the subject of their research. We decided we would use the loudspeaker function of my phone and a voice tracer device that would record the call and enable it to be downloaded as an MP3 file. I’d informed Mirka of this and she was happy to have this happen.

1.30pm came around and the interview took place. All of the girls asked questions and managed to draw out answers that related to their theme of triumph over adversity. Mirka is a very interesting and generous person. She’s an artist who migrated to Australia as a young bride from France after the Second World War. She is Jewish and related to the girls her experiences avoiding internment in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

When the girls had finished with their questions I got back on the phone to thank Mirka. She relayed to me how honoured she was to have them use her as the focus of their project and remarked on how they had asked very astute questions. She then said she would like to invite them to afternoon tea at her place as a way of thanking them! We set a date and the girls will be visiting Mirka next week.

How’s that! Pretty amazing really. A tweet goes out, it gets a response, and our students find themselves having the opportunity to meet with the person they have chosen as their object of study for their inquiry week project. We are fortunate that Mirka is such a generous soul.

I have to say I’ve been impressed with my daughter’s skills over the last couple of days. Her group set up a wiki for the project. They wanted to embed the MP3 file of the phone conversation. We were trying to figure out how to get it uploaded to the wiki when she came up with the idea of uploading to YouTube. She tried that but the file wouldn’t process. She then made a Photo Story and used the file as the audio track. This successfully uploaded to YouTube and she was able to embed it in the wiki. Here it is;

She must be learning a thing or two from her Mum! She’ll be teaching me soon at this rate.

If you’d like to, take a look at their wiki . They’d be thrilled to see some dots on their Clustrmap.

7 Replies to “The tweet that led to Mirka Mora.”

  1. hehehe and I followed a twitter post to get here and read this wonderful story.
    I have to agree, it does feel like a community where people are only too willing to help, it is such a powerful learning network.
    Sounds like your daughter has been taking notes, hehehe. On a different twitter post tonight I was commenting on how wonderful it is to see how easily the younger ones can create their digital world, no fears, just logical thinking, like uploading to youtube to get it in the right format.
    I am sure the depth of this learning is far stronger than just copying and pasting stuff from websites. Sounds like the girls have done some powerful learning…. well done

  2. Thank you for posting this Jenny! This is an amazing example of how learning can be greatly enhanced when web tools are leveraged with traditional instructional methods. I have bookmarked this, and I will be sharing this example with students and fellow educators in the future. Great job being a powerful role model for your daughter!

  3. Hey Jenny,
    Followed your tweets and then looked up Mirka Mora. Fascinating! It just shows how learning communities using social networking tools are powerful.
    Cheers Nina

  4. I love this story. I think this experience has changed your daughter’s and her friends’ understanding of the learning process for good. The best of technology – connection, experiences, human interaction, real understanding.

  5. Thanks for this amazing story Jenny. I will be telling the teachers at my school about it! I visited the girls’ wiki and I’m extremely impressed – the girls have shown maturity beyond their years and Mirka has also displayed such grace.

  6. This is a wonderful story. I also love the fact that, when given the chance, young people, in this case,your daughter and her friends, showed just how well they respond to challenges and become responsible for their learning. It was also wonderful and reaffirming that the subject, Mirka Mora, showed that she was worthy of their interest. It is such a great experience for both and congratulations to you for enabling it to be done.
    Thanks also for the link to the wiki

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