Guess whose Library has a Kindle!

If you guessed the one I work in, you’re right! Today we accepted delivery of three Amazon Kindles much to our delight. We are very interested in the possibilities presented by the introduction of ebook readers and thought we should try out the new technology to see how we think it may impact on Libraries and the way they deliver their services.

Picture 006

So far we’ve downloaded a couple of books (with incredible ease!), figured out how to change the font and listened to the speech function that reads the text for you. I took one home and sat in my backyard in direct sunlight. I’m pleased to say all of the reports are true; the screen is easily readable even in those conditions. Clear and no reflective glare. I’m sorry to say that my husband seems to have deleted the new Malcolm Gladwell book I was intending to read in bed tonight. I don’t suppose they will reinstate the book to the Kindle considering it was a mistake??

My elderly mother was over and she was very taken with it. This is the generation who you might think would reject the idea. Not this septuagenarian! She’d love to get her hands on one.  Mum loved the lightweight nature of it and the fact that the font size is so easy to enlarge. The price of downloads is pretty impressive too and would have a lot of appeal for the pensioner set (that’s if they could afford the purchase price in the first place).

In the picture above you’ll notice we purchased a skin for the Kindle. It’s lovely; just adds to its appeal and I didn’t find it a distraction while reading. I was able to immerse myself in the new Malcolm Gladwell; all the more disappointing that it’s disappeared!

Would we go the way of Cushing Academy in Boston?? They’ve begun the process of deleting their print book collection and have purchased 65 Kindles to loan out to students. I don’t think so,  given that Amazon have the Kindle as their product and not every book is available from the Amazon store. Maybe the proposed Apple Tablet will tie up the market? Once ebooks become tied into the itunes (or ibooks?) library I could see possibilities opening up. All speculation right now; the next 12 months will prove very interesting indeed.

Right, off to bed now to see how it compares with the original. Lightweight and can be held with one hand. Think I’m hooked already!


2 Replies to “Guess whose Library has a Kindle!”

  1. Jenny,
    Being a Kindle owner myself, I am so excited for you and your library!! My Kindle is one of my favorite possessions ever (right up there with my iPod).

    I just wanted to comment on the deleted book. If it was purchased from Amazon, as I assume based on a later comment in your post, it should still be in the “Archived Items”.
    Press the “Home” button, and you should see that list in your table of contents. Press the select button (toggle button between Menu and Back on the right side) to view the archived items. Find the Gladwell book in the list, press the select button again, and you will see this message:
    “Now downloading the selected item…It will automatically open when the download is complete.”

    The book should be back in your “Home” list again.

    Also, there are several other places you can get content for your Kindle besides Amazon. Let me recommend a book I bought for Kindle (99 cents) called “Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them” by Michael Gallagher.

    There are a number of cool things I’ve learned that I’d like to share, but this is starting to get lengthy…I think maybe I will write a post this weekend on things I’ve learned about my Kindle. Thanks for the idea!

    1. What a wonderful reply Heather. You’ve really provided me with a lot of help. Not long after I wrote the post my husband found the book by sheer fluke in the archives and reinstated it. I’ll check out that reference about getting free books from elsewhere and will definitely read your post. I’m sure I’ll be enlightened! One thing I think should be on the kindle is a light for night reading. I can’t find anything about it in their instructions. Is there one??

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