Loving my iPhone : )

I’m on camp at the moment and the iPhone has come into its own for me. I’ve only had it for a week and a half, but already I am viewing mobile technologies and their relevance for education in a whole new light.

The phone has become my digital camera for camp happy snaps. I can upload the pictures easily to my computer for the blog I am writing for the parents. It’s even taken video of my daughter’s efforts on the giant swing. It’s my instant weather update. In the heat we are experiencing I am able to check the CFA updates to see if fire conditions might be an issue for us. I can stay connected to school and my online network through the access I have to email and twitter. If I wanted to, I could read Macbeth or A Christmas Carol (or any other out of copyright book!)  through the Stanza application. I can access the iPod within it and listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the tent my Just Light application is acting as a torch so I can locate what I need in the dark. The Google Maps application assisted us on the first day when our bus driver got lost and we couldn’t find the camp location. Google got us there!

Why on earth wouldn’t any student who has one of these powerful tools in their pocket not be using it in classrooms today? Why would any school ban them from access to information they can use for the course they are studying? My iPhone has been configured to my school’s network so that it will tap into it when I’m there. My thinking is that we should be doing the same for the students. Rather than ban, let’s embrace and support them in using these tools to their maximum potential. I know that I have only tapped the surface of what it can do. Can’t wait to see what more I can learn.

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  1. Hi Jenny – hope all’s going well on camp. In relation to your post you might be interested to know that since you’ve gone someone has advocated, as well as phones, the banning of ipods in class! It goes to HOY this week. We are just learning to make the most of these tools ! You can imagine my response.

  2. I agree that we should be leveraging the fact that our students all have mini-computers in their pockets instead of outlawing them. The excuse that they may use them for other things or be distracted is silly…they can do the same with the computers we have them use in school. They can be distracted by anything.

    In Connecticut, State law bans the possession of electronic devices by students – cell phones, MP3 players, etc., so we are kind of stuck.

    However, some teacher look the other way when students use the phones for educational purposes.

    I have students who will take a picture of something on the whiteboard is they are running out of time to take notes. I love that idea.

    We are working to change things, but it will be slow.

    1. Maybe we will see students forcing the change. Students at my school do the same thing you wrote about- taking photos of whiteboards or projected images. I think it shows creativity and encourage it. It just may be the groundswell approach that leads to change. Hope so anyway. : )

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