School’s out Friday

Have you ever done any stop motion video work with kids? If you have, then you’ll know the time consuming process it is. I worked with a bunch of clever Grade 4 students this year creating some claymation videos. They took to it really easily and made some good stuff, but the mind boggles when you take a look at the video above. Watch the first one and then be amazed watching the side by side comparison.

440 hours of work. That’s right, 440 of them. Trevor Boyd and Steve Ilet dedicated this time to creating this to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the release of ‘The Matrix’. Check out their site with pictures and video links showing you how they did it.

It’s been a big week for me. VITTA Conference on Monday, dinner with Steve Hargadon, John Pearce and Jenny Ashby Monday night, report writing and Library relocation the rest of the week (I’ll post some pics over the weekend). That spells exhaustion.

So, off to the land of nod for me. Have a great weekend.

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