iPhone perils

I posted a little while back about the iPhone and the love affair I’m having with it. That love affair continues, but not without a slight bitter aftertaste at the moment. Last week, the iPhone and I engaged in some heavy duty handling while I was in Sydney, and now I’m faced with, horror of horrors, restriction of service due to exceeding my credit cap.

(‘Colors’, by incase designs. Accessed from Flickr.)

I feel a bit stupid really. You hear about kids who get a phone and run up exhorbitant bills and here I am, a seemingly responsible adult, doing just that!

So, the upshot of all this is that I’ll be reviewing my plan and upgrading so that I can continue to check email, update Twitter, browse webpages, download and use apps, and maybe, just maybe, find some time to call a friend or two on the phone. It really is an amazing device. Take a look at Josh Catone’s post, ‘Back to School: Top 10 iPhone Apps for Students’. Some great Apps are featured and I think you’ll see why we should be embracing these devices and allowing use of them in classrooms. My son and daughter received iTouch’s for Christmas; to my way of thinking, they should be permitted to access school networks and use these devices in school for educational purposes. Now, just need to convince them to download a few of these Apps rather than Bubblewrap or Papertoss!

2 Replies to “iPhone perils”

  1. Hi Jen,

    Just out of curiosity, how much data do you currently get with your plan? I must say I’m pleasantly surprised at just how little data I use each month compared to what I expected I’d be using.

    I have a Gb of data to each month but I don’t think I’ve ever used much more than 300-400Mb. I would have thought I was a relatively heavy user of mobile data (As well as the usual email/Twitter/web use, I also do the occasional live stream with Qik or UStream, and I stream live radio from the TWiT network, watch a few YouTube vids, etc) I also use my phone to tether to my Macbook every so often when I can’t get wifi or it’s too expensive, such as in hotels.

    I’d be interested to know what others use.

    1. Due to my current situation(!) I have upgraded to 1G of data per month. It appears that I went over my limit of 300mb a month and was being charged an excessive amount for each kb of data over the limit. After a lengthy phone call with a call centre in Manila, I’ve been able to have the bill reduced and extend the data with them waiving the $15.00 first month fee for 1G. Feeling better!

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