School’s out Friday

Yes, it’s late. Why?

Because I’ve travelled thousands of miles in the last few days. Over 30 hours in transit on three planes takes it out of you really. I thought I was doing pretty well until yesterday afternoon when I was replenishing the family’s pantry at a local supermarket. I was overcome by this feeling of intense malaise. Jetlag, hence the video above. I stumbled through the afternoon but by 5.30pm I had to admit defeat and head to bed for what I thought would be an hour or two. Fifteen hours later I woke up, hence this late posting!

I’m still in the throes of getting a post together about my experiences at Educon 2.2. I put a post together pretty quickly afterwards, but thought it needed a bit more considered reflection. I’ll get something up over this weekend for those of you interested in my time spent in Philadelphia.

Hope your weekend treats you well. I’m thinking more sleep is the order of the day for me!

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