School’s out Friday

Late in my time zone, but still current in others!

I love the Christmas season. I’m a sucker for smarmy Christmas movies, decorated trees, houses lit to the nines, and a traditional Christmas Carol or two that can bring a tear to my eye. Handel‘s Hallelujah chorus can have that effect on me, and it’s performed to very good effect here in a very non-traditional food court. As with most flash mob efforts, what really captures my attention are the rapt expressions of the onlookers who delight in what is unfolding before them.

Another Flash Mob viewing this week was thanks to Modern Family. I am loving this series and it’s take on relationships within families. Take a look at their treatment of the phenomenom.

Hope it brought a smile your way and got your weekend off to a good start. Make the most of whatever delights the weekend brings. : )

* Thanks to Ann Oro for tweeting out a link to the Hallelujah Chorus flash mob.

4 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Had never heard of Flash mob before but am instantly converted with this performance! Thanks Jenny.
    How did your presentation up in Sydney go? You probably blogged or tweeted, but I have been busy with reports so missed the report.

  2. Hey Jenny. Wow. I have NEVER heard of flashmob before. I loved the one in the cafeteria. I’m proud to say, that actually did bring a tear to my eye 🙂 It was a very inspirational moment. I would have loved to have been there for that. It took me off guard at first..the first lady that began to sing..Could you imagine having been there for that?! And the one from Modern Family. I love that show. This one that allanahphoto posted was great too. Those people were crying tears of joy at the end. Thanks for posting! It certainly did make me smile in the midst of all of this homework I am trying to get done tonight 🙂 It was refreshing.

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