School’s out Friday

Happy New Year! This was the 8.30 pm round of Fireworks from Sydney Harbour. There will be another spectacular show in both Sydney and Melbourne at 12.00am  to launch 2011.

While we wait, enjoy this one. : )

2011. Wow. The end of a year always puts me in a speculative mood. Have I achieved all I wanted to? What was a hit and what was a miss in 2010? Most importantly, how have my family and friends travelled throughout the year? Lots to ponder, but not much to regret I’m pleased to say. Let’s hope 2011 is kind to us all.

I seem to be in a blogging hiatus at the moment. I think of things to write about, but am finding it hard to commit the time to penning ideas down. It is holidays after all, and I think it’s OK to have a rest from the keyboard for a moment or two. I do have a post in draft form and hope to get it up in a day or two. By that time it will be old news, but I’m determined to get it posted regardless!

Do have a Happy New Year. Stay cool my friends in Australia, and stay warm my friends in other parts of the globe. Enjoy the start of 2011. : )

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