School’s out Friday

Improveverywhere have posted their 2011 No Pants Subway ride, an event that has grown in size and stature over the last 10 years, and saw participation from people in 50 cities globally this year. I loved the view of Union Square at the end of this video. It brought back happy memories of my time in New York last year, when Union Square was the closest Subway station as I made my way to the many magnificent sights that make up that wonderful city. In fact, it was exactly this date last year that my plane landed at JFK airport in New York. I’d love to make a return visit one day – sooner rather than later I’d hope. Who knows? Sometimes the things you wish for do come true!

In the meantime, I’ve been unbelievably busy this week back at work getting the new library at my school organised for the school year. We took possession of the building on Monday, and I’ve been there every day, except for Tuesday when my time was punctuated with a bout of Gastroenteristis! Just what I needed- NOT! Today was huge. All of the books were stacked on the new shelving and everything, office supplies, digital equipment, the small amount of furnishings we are bringing over with us, were placed in the building. We had specialist removalists helping thank goodness, or there’s no way I’d be typing this now. In fact, it’s pretty surprising I’m doing this at all, because I am thoroughly exhausted. Time for bed methinks.

I’ll see if I can get a post happening where I include some pics of the building. In the meantime, here’s my favourite space at the moment.

4 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. My husband told me he had heard about this a couple of weeks ago. However, we have not had a warm winter here and even New York City has been very cold. Riding the subway without pants wouldn’t be so bad (it gets warm down in the subway and subway station), but looking at the people without pants standing outside like it was nothing seems crazy!

  2. Congratulations on the new library buildings. I look forward to seeing some more photos and hope you will be able to tell us how the spaces are being used by the girls.

  3. I was so intrigued with the by the pants-less subway ride. I am interested to find out more about the reason people partake in this event. I’m also considering seeing it personally at least once in my lifetime.
    You appear very dedicated in the progress of you library. It is an amazing site. I also love the your “favorite spot for now.” It looks like it would be a great place to sit with a good long book and get lost in it. I’m interested in seeing more progress and wish you good luck in all your ventures!

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