Digital trends to watch

Steve Rubel and David Armano put together this presentation that they then shared on Slideshare. It’s designed for business, but if you look at it with your education hat on, you will see there are lessons here for how we approach the use of mobile devices and tablets, how we support the thought leaders who are trying to make change happen, and how we use social tools and transmedia to make connections with our parent and wider teacher communities.

Looking outside the education sphere and listening to how business is responding to the way the world works now, is one way to further your understanding of digital media. We send our students out into that world of work; listening to what it thinks is important is a way to help us prepare them for what they will face when they get there.


3 Replies to “Digital trends to watch”

  1. Thankyou for this post and presentation, Jenny. What you say is true – we need to be in touch with the way the world outside of school is working so we can best prepare our students. It’s an enormous challenge convincing the school community that school education is not separate from life. I have observed many students come out of school with no idea about what they want to do, and I think that’s because the two worlds are seen as completely separate.

  2. I am intrigued by the perspective you took in viewing this slideshare. I had to go back and view it again after what you wrote in order to understand it in the light of education. I couldn’t agree more that it is necessary that the world of education should incorporate the trends of the world in order to prepare students it. The education class I am in is stressing how important it is to do just that and you only added more of a foundation to its importance and I thank you for that. I never realized how important it was until I started the course and began to branch out from the traditional classroom setting. It feels much more rewarding to be learning what will keep me up to date in the real world and not something that will never help me but it required.

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