Lord David Puttnam delivers a message everyone needs to hear

I’m delivering a whole day workshop at my school tomorrow, and I’m starting the day with the words of Lord David Puttnam, delivered at Learning without Frontiers in late January. David is a former independent film producer with many award winning films including Chariots of Fire, Bugsy Malone, Midnight Express and the Memphis Belle. Since 1998, he has focused his work on education and the environment. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to show the entire video, but I hope participants will take the time to watch it for themselves later. David delivers, in 24 minutes, a message that all educators and education administrators should hear. We can’t afford to ignore the technological shifts happening around us; we must find ways to professionally develop our teaching workforce, and reward teachers who are leading the way.

Sometimes it’s hard leading change. Especially when others around you don’t see things in the same way. Watching this has renewed my energy levels, and made my resolve stronger. Watch it with my highest recommendation.

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