School’s out Friday

It seems entirely inappropriate to me to post a funny video tonight. Not when we are watching devastation unfold in Japan and other countries anticipating the effects of Tsunami waves crossing the Pacific ocean.

I’ve spent this evening watching scenes I could only have imagined might have been possible. The incredible push of tonnes of sea water crossing the coastline of Japan demonstrates to us all the vulnerability of mankind when nature unleashes its force. It was like watching a scene from a Hollywood studio, only the houses, ships and cars being lifted and propelled forward were life sized, not balsa wood models. You know there are people in those houses, ships and cars, and you know that we will hear of massive loss of life in the coming days.

If you’ve been under a rock these last few hours or so, visit the ABC Australia news site, where they used Storify to collate links, pictures and video to relay what has been happening.

[View the story “Japan earthquake and tsunami” on Storify]

Once again, as has been the case so many times these last few weeks, Twitter has been an incredible news source. I knew of the Earthquake and impending Tsunami before news media on commercial stations had made mention of it. I will be watching the Twitter stream closely over the weekend for updates and links to information our commercial stations never seem to find.

My thoughts tonight are with those in affected countries.

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