School’s out Friday

I first saw this video awhile ago on Chris Betcher’s blog. I’ve never been able to locate it on YouTube and was happy when a colleague sent me the link yesterday and said, “You will love this”. I do too.

I know there are thousands upon thousands of people out there with a deep attachment to the printed book, but I’m not one of them. I do have a deep attachment to attaining information, and I really don’t mind if that information comes from a printed book or a website. And despite what Nicholas Carr might say, I love the fact that a website can pull me in so many different directions and lead me to something I hadn’t even realised I might be interested in. So when I see these kids with their mockumentary take on the book, I’m with them all the way.

I’ve been laid up this week with a viral malady that robbed me of my voice yesterday. That, combined with some hideously awful weather here in Melbourne, have made for a grim week of sorts. I’m looking forward to reinstated vocal chords and some cheery sunshine in the coming days. Hopefully they’ll both be here sooner rather than later. Right now, I’m listening to some serious hail pelting down on our roof, so it’s not looking all that promising!

Hope your weekend treats you well. Enjoy whatever comes your way. : )

4 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Yep Jenny I agree I don’t care what device delivers the information. Funnily though others think I must be pro book because I am a librarian. But I am pro information not paper!

  2. Ok, it was amusing. . .but reminded me of conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks with our librarians at school; no one is coming into the library anymore to use it for research. Books are officially obsolete; all the kids have laptops. I guess it’s a fiction only library now. 😦 Oh, the down side, people’s jobs are in jeopardy too. . . josie x

    1. I don’t think people’s jobs are in jeopardy at all. What’s required is Teacher-Librarians rethinking how they go about teaching information fluency. When knowledge is everywhere, and not just locked into what is available in the library, you need to become the expert at information retrieval, analysis, authentication etc. and you need to impart these understandings to your students.

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