HTML and CSS: Week 2 reflection.

I am failing P2PU. A very public admission on my behalf.

I’m on the back foot, I have to admit, and I am going to have to do some serious catching up this weekend. I know, I can hear you saying, “You said that last week”, and I did. I’ve underestimated how hard it is to devote time to something that is difficult for me. It’s a bit like me and maths; we don’t really gel. I prefer to do other things, and my motivation levels aren’t exactly high when I know I have to tackle something that challenges me.

That being said, it has been a particularly busy week at work. It was Literature week at my school, and we hosted authors for four days out of the five. Sometimes there were three authors visiting within the course of a day. Making sure it all went smoothly, and making sure people felt comfortable and well catered for was demanding. I found myself going home exhausted, and too tired to tackle the difficulties of the unknown.

So, my admission here is that I need to complete tasks from Week 1 and 2, and then take a look at what’s been posted for week 3. It’s my great hope that my Week 3 reflection will be a happier tale than this one.

I’m very grateful to Jackson Bates, who left a comment today that included a YouTube video (see below) he used when starting out with code. I’ve just watched the first 12 minutes, and already it’s made more sense to me than anything else so far. In my Week 1 reflection I said I thought I needed to be shown in order to gain understanding. That’s exactly what this video does. It tells me what the code means and how changes to it impact on what a page looks like. I’ve found it very helpful; the path forward seems less tangled already. Jackson has also offered to answer my embarrassing questions, and he just might find himself facing a couple of those over the next week!

I know failure can be turned around. The very fact that I have to publicly post reflections is enough to make me try and beat this one. Jamie, stay posted, I just may get somewhere this week.

(Thank goodness Jamie is not posting Week 4 until June 15th. Breathing space!)

4 Replies to “HTML and CSS: Week 2 reflection.”

  1. I also did a course with P2PU and was surprised at how much of my time it took up. But I was glad that I stuck with it and finished. I found the people running and participating my course very helpful and supportive when I fell behind when I became ill. So stick with it you’ll be glad that you did. While the programs are very varied in their content and degree of difficulty I think it is a great idea and well worth supporting. Collaborative learning is always worth cheering about!!

    1. Thanks Jamie. I have been sweating it. I read all the replies via the google site and it’s like they’re speaking a foreign tongue. I need one whole day to immerse myself totally to the cause of learning, but my life is not affording me that privilege right now.

      I appreciate your reassuring words. My pace is tortoise like – hope the fable rings true!
      Jenny : )

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