School’s out Friday

My husband sent this to me this week, and I think my reaction was just as extreme as the guy’s girlfriend! He’s lucky she didn’t keel over from a heart attack!

And because it’s the end of term here in Victoria, here’s another to warm the cockles of your heart and send you off to the holiday break with a smile on your face (if you’re a teacher here in Victoria at least!)

I found this on a Tumblr blog called Dancing Dads, and I think I’m going to have to visit there whenever I’m needing a good laugh. A good laugh is medicine for the soul, and it comes in high doses at this site!

Yes, it’s our spring holiday break here in Victoria, and from my perspective, it couldn’t come soon enough. These last two weeks have been huge for me at work. I’m exhausted and in need of sleep. I’m looking forward to no routine, no school lunches to make, and no alarm waking me at 6.30am. I’m also looking forward to trying to pen a few words here as I feel I’ve seriously neglected this blog of late. Seth Godin wrote a post tonight entitled ‘Talker’s block‘ and it really sounded like me. I have very few problems talking to people about the work I’m doing, but it seems arduous to write it down. I’ve had a blog post simmering for well over two months about the work I’ve been involved with all year, but every time I try to get it finished, something stops me. I need to stop thinking and just write it. When I think about when I started this blog and how I committed to writing nearly every day for 6 months, I really wonder how on earth I managed to do it. So, to get me moving again, I’m going to commit to write at least six posts over the next two weeks. Watch this space!

Have a great weekend. Find some sunshine and warm your bones. : )


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  1. Hi Jenny! Once again you have provided awesomely hilarious videos to watch! Thank you for posting these as they really made me laugh! I especially enjoyed the marriage proposal video. It reminded me of this proposal that I recently watched and if you haven’t seen it already I hope you enjoy it:

    Also It’s nice to see you’re on holiday break and I’m quite jealous. I look forward to seeing the blog posts you plan on finishing in the near future. Enjoy your time off and catch up on that well deserved rest!

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