Sometimes, Twitter raises my stress levels

One thing I’ve noticed during this holiday break, is that increased access to Twitter is raising my stress levels.

Why, I hear you asking?

During the working week, my exposure to Twitter is infrequent. I read and share when I can, and that’s usually at the end of a working day. I just don’t have time to check in regularly at work, unless I’m seeking information to help us solve an issue. Holidays afford me the leisure of watching the stream more frequently throughout the day, but I’m noticing the obsessive hold it can have on you. What comes with the stream is the need to read more, to engage with the content, to think. I’m supposed to be relaxing, and instead my mind is racing as I think about the recent changes to Facebook and what that might mean for our students, the release of the Kindle Fire, Seth Godin’s thoughts about  the forever recession and the coming revolution, and just what on earth is Google Gravity?

Maybe it’s because I’d found what I thought was a kind of balance in my life in recent times, that this imbalance seems to make my heart and mind race.

I know the answer. Tune out. Check in at set times. Don’t constantly watch the stream. All things I’ve told myself before, but I think I need reminding…

7 Replies to “Sometimes, Twitter raises my stress levels”

  1. Come and have coffee with me and we’ll wag Twitter together. I’ve pulled back a lot and feel more settled. There’s always something new and we can’t keep up with everything. I’m focusing on face-to-face catchups these holidays.

  2. Jenny,
    I can relate to your comments Now imagine being me, just retired, with all this free time on my hands. Spending far to much time on twitter, google+, FB, and loving every minute of it. Where does the stress come in? I have this person in my life – my WONDERFUL spouse. She doesn’t seem to enjoy my new life schedule as much as I. My mission: Get my online time on a schedule that will please my Sweetie. This may be a challenge. She wants me watching Modern Family and In The Middle with her. Can you imagine that!

    1. You’ve got my empathy Rich. My husband finds my time online invasive to family life at times, but I’d rather engage in networks than watch some mindless drivel on television. If only he enjoyed Modern Family! Now there’s a show worth tuning into. : )
      Good luck finding the balance Rich. I’m sure your wife is worth hanging onto – my suggestion, work out a schedule!

  3. Jenny, it may not specifically be Twitter for me, yet indeed there are times when the networks flood the brain with one idea after the other idea. There may be events I would like to be part of or a technology innovation that I wish to explore. Yet, more than likely one is already quite involved in the forces of change already and one more digital dot will simply break your back.

    Let go. Simply let go. No need to stay on top of absolutely everything. It will still be there. Others will be looking after the ebb and flow of the networks.

    The sun will set. The sun will rise. Our galaxy will still be arcing its way across the universe.

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