School’s out Friday

No funny video tonight. I’m on a bus, headed for the airport, to board a plane with students from my school bound for Italy! So please excuse my hiatus from my usual posts as I become a travel blogger for the next two weeks.

Feel free to live vicariously through me as I recount my experiences through Venice, Florence, Assisi and Rome. I hope you can leave a comment or two and remind me of home and my network.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be in Venice in 30 hours or so and ready to soak up the sights. : )

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3 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Jenny, I love to travel and will be living vicariously through you on the trip. Enjoy Italy and the students. Be safe – Have a great time – Plenty of sharing.
    Is the family recording The Middle for you?

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