School’s out Friday

There’s a funny hashtag doing the rounds of Twitter today – #pencilchat . It’s well worth a visit for gems like this,

johntspencer John T. Spencer

How is an assessment ever going to be permanent if a child can erase it and master the content at a later time? #pencilchat
mcleod Scott McLeod

If kids can write information down on paper, soon they won’t be able to remember anything in their heads anymore #pencilchat
cogdog Alan Levine

@timbuckteeth Many schools will be re-inventing education via a one to one pencil program. #pencilchat
I thought I’d help it along with the above video, a scene from a movie that I don’t think has made it into production.
I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend after last weekend that saw me consumed by slide preparation for the presentation I delivered Monday. A bit of R & R will do me the world of good!
I hope you get some of the same this weekend. Enjoy whatever comes your way. : )

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