Australian Curriculum and the General Capabilities – the role of the Teacher Librarian

I delivered this presentation at Marist College in Canberra on Tuesday. You can see it embedded in my wiki, or click this link to view. (Once again, I’m frustrated that it can’t be embedded in this blog) It’s not an earth shaking presentation, but it does condense some information from the following ACARA documents:

The Shape of the Australian Curriculum Version 3

General Capabilities and the Australian Curriculum

I’ve tried to identify where a Teacher Librarian can make an impact with the integration of the General Capabilities into the learning areas. Hopefully, the presentation is useful. Feel free to use it in your schools to help people come to an understanding of what is expected with the Australian Curriculum.

Thanks to Geraldine McNulty for arranging for me to visit Marist College to talk to Teacher-Librarians from Canberra. A quick visit, but a good one!

3 Replies to “Australian Curriculum and the General Capabilities – the role of the Teacher Librarian”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I’m wondering if you can recommend anyone who could present to teachers in our District around the Australian Curriculum. We need a few people – someone to do an overview of the Aus. Curriculum and what it means for the whole school (session with principals, teachers and AEWs – Aboriginal Education Workers). Then some sessions on the Aus. Curriculum with a focus on planning and a focus on assessment. These sessions would be targeted to our different learning network bands (Junior primary, primary, middle school, lower secondary – teachers from across the District working together depending on what year levels they teach etc.).

    I’m keen to see who else is out there and look beyond our South Australian head office.

    Would love to hear from you if you can think of anyone.

    Thank you 🙂


    1. Hi Jess,
      You could ask me! One of the reasons I’ve spent time with the documentation is because I’ve felt it necessary to do so. I haven’t come across many PD opportunities, other than those run by textbook companies, and I’m not interested in hearing from somebody who wants to sell me a textbook.
      My school is running a conference on the Australian curriculum in July. I’ll be presenting a workshop there about the general capabilities. We have some key speakers, including Professor Barry McGaw, and others representing learning areas, cross curricular priorities and the general capabilities.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Sorry about the late reply. We could most definitely ask you! We are having a conference meeting on Monday so I will share this idea with everyone and together we will have a look at the conference your school is running. That looks like the conference we need to be attending! I am trying to put my feelers out so that I can take these suggestions back to the committee so that we end up with a dynamic conference. Our conference begins on Sunday afternoon 24th June and finishes Wednesday 27th and is in Alice Springs. All staff from 11 sites in our District attend (Aboriginal Lands District in SA) which includes Indigenous staff (AEWs) and teaching staff. Around 200 – 250 people.

    Thanks again for your ideas. I will pass them on and get back to you.

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