Coding defeats me…again

Code Academy sounded good, it really did. I signed up at the start of the year, super enthusiastic that this was going to be my successful second go at learning code. I spectacularly failed at the P2PU course I enrolled in last year, when I found the lessons perplexing and the discussions in the forums way above my entry level extremely basic understanding.

I started in January, heady in the fantasy that this would be something I could sustain when I returned to my full time job at the start of the school year. Fantasy it was, as I succumbed to the nature of full time work and family expectations. Come the first term holiday break, the fantasy revisited me, making me think this was something I could immerse myself in and master. Oh, and the Code Academy team kept sending me emails, encouraging me to return. I felt like I should do the course some justice.

So, I tried. Reality is what I’ve faced, as I fumbled through instructions and had to keep clicking on the ‘hint’ button to get me through stages. Yes, the hint helped, so much so that I’d finish a stage with no real clue as to what I’d supposedly mastered.

Eventually, I decided that coding is just not my game.

It might be, if I was dedicating myself to this as a full time pursuit for a period of weeks with enough support around me so that when I hit a stumbling block, I might be able to turn around and ask somebody what was I doing wrong. Alas, that is not my reality, and won’t be anytime soon.

I am concerned about the future, and know that a knowledge of coding is a skill that will be highly sought. I know that the computing industry is over-represented with males and not a whole slew of women are lining up to learn these skills. I’d like to be able to help my students understand that this is something they should be looking into. I don’t want to see a small minority control further development of the Web, and I’d like to see women in peoples’ top ten lists of movers and shakers in places like Silicon Valley.

I don’t mind admitting failure. I’m embracing the power that comes from acknowledging your vulnerability. Let’s face it, I’m getting pretty good at it. 😉

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