School’s out Friday

You have to commit to watching this video. You just have to. Caine Monroy’s summer holiday pursuit will remind you of your childhood, when you had faith in your ideas and quite often, you’d commit to spending time to making them work. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of wet, rainy days, when being housebound meant cubby house construction time for my brother and I. Our lounge room would be transformed with upturned furniture, blankets substituting for plaster roofing, and cardboard boxes, if we were lucky. If there had been a major purchase recently, we might be lucky enough to score a ginormous box, and we’d huddle inside partaking of lunch and afternoon tea in our luxurious surrounds. I was so entranced with Caine’s arcade and I think I’ll be sharing it as the term starter with my Yr 10 students next week. Thanks go to Dean Groom for leaving the link in a comment he posted here this week.

I’ve felt like a contestant on The Biggest Loser these last two days. I’ve been working at my parent’s house, getting the place ready to put on the market – time for them to move to something more manageable. Yesterday, their garden looked like a jungle – today, it’s transformed to a relaxing haven. This involved hours of pruning, weeding, shoveling, wheelbarrowing and plenty of sweat into the mix. I wish I could say it’s translated into inches off my backside and thighs, but I’d be lying! There’s more ahead, as I tackle the inside this weekend. Wish me luck – there’s a chance I may never be seen again. 😉

Enjoy whatever comes your way this weekend. I bet it’s going to be more enjoyable than what awaits me!

2 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. I really enjoyed watching the video about Caine and his family, he’s a very smart kid. I look for him to be one of our future leaders. I love how creative he is. Great kid.

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