School’s out Friday

This was on the front page of Reddit this evening. It is pretty mesmerising – mesmerising enough to lull me to sleep. But really, that wouldn’t be too hard at the moment. After spending the last four and a half days of the holiday’s preparing my parent’s house for sale, I fronted up for the first week of school more exhausted than when I finished up last term. Not very clever planning on my behalf!

My son, husband and I returned home not long ago from our Cover the Night work to support Kony 2012. I’m very proud of my son. He wanted to take part and insisted I order the action pack. He followed through with his commitment tonight with the support of my husband and I. I really don’t care what other people think of the campaign. I care that my son cares – I want to encourage my child to be a person who is empathic, who views the world from the perspective of not just his own experience, but the experiences of others in less fortunate positions. So far, I think he’s on the right track, and we will do whatever we can to  help him understand that sometimes you need to look outside yourself and do something to support a cause.

I’m off to Sydney on Sunday in time to deliver a presentation on Monday at Barker College for their Teacher-Librarians and Geography teachers. I’ll be talking about the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum and our school’s Information Fluency program that we have been developing. Sunday night will see me enjoying dinner with some of the best TL’s in the business – can’t wait for the stimulating discussion we are bound to have!!

Enjoy your weekend – find some sun, rest and relax. : )

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