School’s out Friday

I’d never heard of Henry Rollins until this week. I was on a plane flying to Sydney, and there was an article in the in-flight magazine where he discussed his life. Then tonight, I was searching around for a School’s out Friday post, and on the front page of Reddit was a link to the above video. I like the message, and think it might be useful to use as a starter for my Year 10 class in one of our lessons next week. I hope they pay close attention to the examples used in the latter stage of the video, and note that they are all men. Considering the message was for, ‘Young people’ and not specifically, ‘Young men’, it would have been good to find a couple of female role models to add to the mix.

Big week, and tired eyes are testament to that. I’m off to a Bell Shakespeare professional development day tomorrow where we’ll be exploring ways to teach Romeo and Juliet. You know, that seemed like a great idea when a couple of my colleagues and I discussed it a few weeks ago, but right now, it’s not exactly holding great appeal. I have no doubt it will be incredibly useful, and I’ll probably be really glad I went around this time tomorrow night. Just right now though, a good long sleep-in holds more appeal!

I hope you’re able to avail yourself of that sleep-in tomorrow. I’ll be envious! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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  1. Very interesting video by Henry Rollins, I agree with this video. Having morals and standards is the makeup of your character. Thanks for sharing this enlightening video. All students should watch this. Hard work pays off

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