School’s out Friday

Have you had your fill of serious sport after a couple of weeks of the Olympic Games? Looking for a participation sport that can involve anyone without the prerequisite of being an ultra fit athlete? Then look no further than the latest MP3 experiment from the Improv Everywhere crew. Here, 4000 participants converged on Governer’s island in New York City to follow out instructions fed to them via a dowmloaded MP3 file they were listening to through earbuds. It looks like a tonne of fun. Look out for the Hextacopter drone that is used to take the aerial views – very interesting.

The sheer bliss of a weekend awaits. Not much on my agenda, other than the requisite work required for school and the never ending cycle of housework. If the weather cooperates, I just might venture down to the local beach where I’ll store some energy for the week ahead from the sea.

Enjoy whatever comes your way. I hope the next couple of days are kind to you. 🙂

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