School’s out Friday

I haven’t used a Hamish and Andy clip for quite some time, and it’s a pleasure to share Hitch-Hike Racing with you today. My husband doesn’t share my love of Hamish and Andy, but they always make me smile with their take on life. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the battle that is Hitch-Hike Racing and hang in there for the fourteen minutes until the victor is revealed.

I’ve just returned home from the School Production, where I marvelled once again at the talent pool that exists in the school I teach in. Evenings like this are so confirming; kids connected doing something they love and sharing their enthusiasm with their friends, family and teachers. There are great kids all around us; kids who value the arts and who are prepared to make the commitment to rehearse for weeks on end for performances that last all of three nights. Our future rests in some good hands. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend. I hope blue skies shine above you and you get to soak some rejuvenating rays into your bones. 🙂

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