School’s out Friday

Alec Couras shared this on Twitter, just as I was about to give up on finding anything that might raise a smile for this week’s School’s out Friday post. It’s a really fabulous political mashup, and the synchronisation is pretty darn impressive. Even our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, gets a mention with her infamous ‘there are nutjobs on the Internet’ comment. I wonder how many more mashups we’ll see in the lead up to the US Presidential election? A fair few I’d be guessing, along with a heavy dose of social media saturation from both parties. I wonder if it will feel natural or forced? I’m guessing the latter.

School holidays have just begun for Victorian teachers. I really am glad of the opportunity to slow down for a couple of weeks and refresh some very tired batteries. I may even have enough time to pen something other than a School’s out Friday post. I’ve got half a post written about my foray into Project Based Learning so I may try and find a couple of hours this weekend to write about what has been a wonderful teaching experience this last couple of weeks.

Right now, it’s time for bed. The electric blanket has warmed up and my tired limbs are ready to succumb to the sanctity of sleep. Have a great weekend – I know I will. With the weight of expectation lifted and 23 warm degrees forecast for tomorrow, life is looking pretty good. 🙂

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