School’s out Friday

Been struggling to find a video for this week. I found this one on the ‘Best ads on TV’ site, and I watched six others before settling on this. I do like the Snickers Ads, and we’ve even entertained the idea of having some Snickers on hand in our school library so we can hand them to kids when they’re just not feeling themselves on any particular day. (Note – this idea was from Natalie, our wonderful library technician – she’s full of great ideas!) Libraries tend to be places where kids come and share things about themselves that aren’t necessarily related to curriculum. It’s vitally important that they interact with people who are kind and have a listening ear – having a snickers on hand can’t be a bad thing either!

We all have days like this. I’m having one today. There’s an important task I need to get done, and I’m struggling finding a way in to it. It’s causing me unnecessary anxiety – I’ve got that tense feeling in my chest and it’s uncomfortable. Hopefully I can get through the mental block I’m experiencing and get it completed. I really would like to enjoy this last weekend before a return to work on Monday. Maybe I just need a Snickers!

Enjoy your weekend. I will once I get this task completed! 🙂

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