Something old, something new…

There are changes happening in my life. For those of you who jump to conclusions, yes, I do suspect that I’m approaching the dawn of menopause, but that’s not the change I’m talking about here.

The something old is that I’m not changing schools – I’m still going to be at Toorak College.

The something new is that I am changing jobs at Toorak College in 2013. Starting next school year, I’ll be taking on the position of Director of ICT and eLearning. This is a new position at our school, one that will embrace and help to realise our school vision and mission statements.


Achieving excellence, inspiring future lives.


We lead excellence in education and provide innovative learning opportunities for individuals, to strive to achieve their ambitions in a connected, welcoming environment.

While I am genuinely sad to be leaving my position as Head of Information Services, nothing will change the fact that I am, and always will be, a Teacher-Librarian. I will be taking all of my skills as an information professional to this new position, and the Library at Toorak College will continue to be a driving force implementing change and the integration of new ways of utilising the Web as a powerful tool for connection and learning purposes.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to lead change in what is an Executive level position at my school. Not only that, I am very proud of all that I have done as a self directed learner to have the skill set to take this position on. The following tweet that found its way into my Twitter stream today embodies my story, and what I hope I will be able to do for the staff at my school.

I have only been at this game seriously for the last five years. But what a five years they’ve been. I’ve got a pretty steep learning curve ahead of me I know, but I feel well rehearsed in the learning stakes to take the challenge on.

24 Replies to “Something old, something new…”

  1. Jenny, you will not just lead Toorak College in ICT and eLearning, you will continue to lead and inspire your colleagues both in Australia and around the world. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  2. Dear Jenny, Congratulations on this achievement, it is always fantastic when a TL skills are recognised by an organisation and to see them given the opportunity to make an even greater contribution. As I am sure you know you are a huge inspiration to your Victorian colleagues and beyond and it is lovely to see the genuine respect and affection for you shown in all the online congrats.

    regards Michael J

    1. I really appreciate you leaving these words Michael. I had wondered if TL’s would view the move positively, but as you’ve acknowledged, I’ve received so many positive comments it makes me feel that many see it as a positive thing. It’s very kind of you to leave these words with me.
      Jenny πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Jenny
    I liked your video/speech. So good to see such inspiration. How do you get the time!! Congrats for 2013 and all the best. The posibilities are enourmous! You may have inspired me to go and get blogging too! Cheers!

  4. Well Deserved and well timed – thanks goodness we can now hang on to your and your skills. Looking forward to the changes you now have the power to bring about. Well done for sticking it out and making it through.

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