School’s out Friday

The video above has gone viral on YouTube. For good reason too. The act of giving almost always provokes a reaction, but none so genuine as this Father’s response to the gift of tickets to a game. I dare you not to smile as you watch this.

And because I’ve been absent for so long, here’s another vid that I hope will make you smile. It’s Nasa Johnson style, an educational parady of Gangnam Style.

If I were teaching Science, I’d be trying to find a way to use this in one of my classes next year. And if I were teaching Physics, I’d definitely be using some of the videos from the minutephysics channel on YouTube in my classes. Here’s one I watched this week that had some answers to something that has crossed my mind as I’m making a break across the oval at school on rainy days!

Sorry for what seems like a prolonged absence here of late. There’s been a lot going on. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity to devote some time to growing this space instead of letting it lie stagnant. I’m surprised there are still posts being read given the lack of posting in recent times. It’s probably reflective really of having the balance in my life right – sometimes your energies need to be elsewhere.

To those of you still hanging in here, have a great weekend. Gear yourself up for the fast approaching new year – let’s hope it’s a good one. 🙂

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