School’s out Friday

OK, I’m a sucker for a story that tugs at the heartstrings. And Landslide, the soundtrack, is my favourite song. Given that, this has to be my favourite Superbowl ad of the season.

It featured in one of my lessons this week for a new subject called ‘The Language of our Times’. The start to this year has been kind of manic, but walking into that class was just wonderful. I love teaching – I love the connections you make with young people and the thrill of sharing ideas. This class is something I’m heavily invested in because it’s something I believe in – I want our students to understand new methods of communication and the power of making connections via the Internet. I want to make it work and I feel like the young people I’m teaching want to explore what is possible. I’ve got an exciting year ahead.

I hope you have too. We have a tough gig. Teaching is becoming more accountable, and sometimes it seems like the focus is on measurement and data all the time. It’s when we walk into those classrooms and have the privilege of being a part of the lives of young people that we realise it’s so much more than numbers on a page. It’s about connecting with people and hopefully having a positive impact on their thinking. It’s the best part of my job and it’s what gives me the energy to do the work I do.

Just right now, I need to replenish those energy levels with a good night’s sleep. Night all, and best wishes for a restful weekend ahead. 🙂

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