School’s out Friday

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Grand Central Station in New York and marvel at its beautiful architecture. The Improv everywhere team staged this light show to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of its construction. The images I like best are those of the peoples’ faces as their day is made that much more enjoyable because of the team’s efforts.

We need more of this in our world. People doing something for the pleasure of others and making them smile. Just think how much more enjoyable our days would be if we set about with purpose to make others feel good and smile. I ran a meeting today at work where we laughed, ate chocolate biscuits, shared some things we’re doing in our classrooms and enjoyed one another’s company. One of my colleagues stayed back to say it was the best meeting she’d been in all year – she felt connected to others and was energised about what we were talking about. Work needs to be like this more often. Let’s face it, sometimes the greater part of our waking day is spent there.

There’s a challenge. Set about with purpose to make someone’s life more enjoyable this weekend. I bet you’ll feel better for it too. 🙂

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