School’s out Friday

I presented at a Secondary School in Melbourne today and opened the proceedings with this video. It raised a few chuckles, just as it has done this week when I’ve shared it with family and friends. To contrast, I then shared Google’s Glass video. With well over a million views, there’s a good chance you’ve seen it already, but if you haven’t, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Every week is a busy week it seems. This one was no exception. I’ve continued to use my Chromebook as my ‘on the fly’ computer (as my son likes to call it) and my reading about Chromebooks and Google apps in schools further convinces me that it’s a path we need to follow. We’ve held very productive meetings about the rollout of our new Learning Management System at school and we’re in the process of designing an exciting interface. I’m organising a Skype call with Daraja Academy in Kenya for next Tuesday as students from my school gear up to participate in ‘Race for Daraja’ to support the education of Lilian, a young girl attending Daraja. I also found out I’m headed to Borneo on a school trip that leaves in six weeks! There’s going to be lots of fundraising and organisation to do in the interim. Life never slows down, and to be honest with you, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But, I am looking forward to the weekend. Looks like one of the last of the warm days awaits Melbourne tomorrow. I’ll be finding some time to sit outside in the sun with a cuppa, maybe even a glass of wine in the late afternoon. Helen, if you’re reading this, pop on over!

Enjoy your weekend – hope it treats you well. 🙂


2 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. So many great and exciting things happening at the moment Jenny. You’re making a great and real difference. The idea of us delving into Google Apps is just…well…I’m jumping out my skin at the thought of what is to come and what we’re going to be able to do for the learning in our classes. It’s so exciting and I love being able to contribute in small ways here and there. Every time something new and improved comes along, for some purpose in my teaching, I just think ‘how lucky are we?’. How lucky are we to live in this day and age, where we’ve got such amazing scientific and technological knowledge and tools? We should all be grateful. Like Seth Godin said recently in his blog, it’s all about resilience in the face of the modern world that is ever-changing! Looking forward to the rest of the the year 🙂

  2. I’d be interested to chat with you offline about how you are finding “schoolbox” as a LMS with the Library. We have it at our school as well.

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