School’s out Friday

I’ve been missing in action lately.


Well, work is occupying a lot of my time right now. In fact, I’m working pretty much all day and then following up that with more work into the night. I’m consumed with getting my head around cloud storage, SaaS (Software as a Service) and the implications this has for privacy. It’s pretty intensive and has required some heavy duty reading. Do I feel like I’m settled in where I sit with my thinking around all of this? No, I’m not. I’m torn in fact, and being in this state means that I seem to do nothing but think about this all the time.

Yes, that is the life I lead folks. One consumed by my work. I counsel myself by knowing that this is a subject matter that needs pursuing, and answers need to be made clearer for schools who are signing up for Cloud based storage and SaaS. Hopefully, as things become clearer in my head I’ll be able to share my thinking here.

Time to clear the head and get some sleep, only to ponder more in the morning.

Enjoy your weekend. Grab some downtime (advice I should follow…)

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