School’s out Friday

Yep, this video just about sums up what it was like living in Melbourne this week.

I saw a tweet last night where someone said this hot and humid weather reminded them of Borneo. I can only agree. When I visited there with students last year to do community work in a village, we were working for six hours a day in conditions similar to those experienced here over the course of the week. Not exactly my cup of tea. I was very thankful for the air conditioning in my office at work this week – made the return to work just that little more bearable.

To end the working week (for me, anyway. I’m incredibly envious of those of you still enjoying a break!) here’s a very funny video from College Humour doing the rounds over the last day or so. Warning: suggestive scenes and expletive at the end. But yes, funny.

Have a great weekend. If you’re in Victoria or South Australia, enjoy the cooler weather. 🙂

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