Deb isn’t going to let a number define her…

What an absolute pleasure it is to share with you Deborah Van De Beek’s TEDxFrankston Youth talk.

I was fortunate enough to teach Deb in our English class when she was in Year 10. She was highly motivated, a sharer and profoundly passionate about the causes she believed in. Nothing has changed – in fact, as you will see from this talk, her passion shines through.

Will I be at all surprised if 10 years from now Deb is leading and championing a great cause? Not one bit. And if Deb is at the helm, you can bet she will have a pool of talent surrounding her. People are attracted to bright flames who lead the way.

Deb’s message in the video above is one all students should hear. It was articulated almost as well in my classroom today, when one of my Year 9 students gave a presentation about how she was not going to let test scores define her and limit her potential.

Our students today are living in a world where they see and hear of success that comes from fulfilling potential and committing yourself to the things that drive you. When I listened to my Year 9 student talk today and saw the chorus of approval that followed her speech, I was encouraged. No Naplan result is going to be their defining moment. They have the fortitude to see that what lies within can make all the difference.

Watch Deb’s talk and share it around. Preferably in a classroom nearby.

*Thank you Shane Hunt for organising TEDxFrankston Youth and selecting Deb as the opening speaker. It was a wonderful day and a credit to your organisational skills.

One Reply to “Deb isn’t going to let a number define her…”

  1. A very intelligent and eloquent young woman. Thanks for sharing; I’ll be showing this to our students who are very much driven by the ATAR but probably think similarly.

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