I had one of those moments in my Language of our Times class today when you know technology has become normalised within your classroom.

Poet Alicia Sometimes was visiting, running a workshop to help my students gain insight into how to begin writing Spoken Word poetry. After watching a couple of examples from YouTube and discussing how they might get started, they launched into groups to begin the writing process.

What happened next?

Google Drives were opened, members of the class created a Doc and shared it with others in their group and the writing process began.

Just like that. No prompting. No suggestion that Google Docs would be a good way to collaborate. Nothing.

Normalisation of technology use.

Technology as facilitator for learning.

As it should be.

7 Replies to “Normalisation”

  1. Very Cool! This is right on so many fronts, Whoohooo!
    YES “Normalisation”: that is what they NOW just do when given the chance.
    ALSO “Authentic” This is what works best for them given alternatives to try.
    AND “Student Voice” letting them choose from what they have explored or seen modelled.
    Of course these points are due to you guys having done the hard work to nurture and enable this. Well Done, Exciting stuff!

    1. Thanks Rolfe. It’s so satisfying when you see it happening as normal practice. Makes all the hard work worth it. 🙂

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