Technology in the classroom – interview with the ABC

Early Saturday morning (and when I say early, I mean really early – 4.10am!!) I was interviewed for the ABC Overnights program about Technology in the classroom.

It was an interesting 45 minutes spent with Sally Knight discussing all manner of things related to how classrooms and student learning environments have changed with the introduction of computers. If you’re interested in listening to how it all went, take a listen via the player below.

Surprisingly, two people I know have contacted me to say they heard me speaking on the radio. Fascinating that people are tuned in at that time of the morning!

One Reply to “Technology in the classroom – interview with the ABC”

  1. I also heard the interview and sent your info to my son and daughter who are both teachers. I am always interested in teachers who are so passionate. It is a wonderful thing to have a teacher that can engage students in their learning. Sadly many drift along and become disengaged without ever having been excited by learning. Technology is certainly helping rather than hindering.

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