No regrets

Matthew O’Reilly’s TED talk makes me ponder as I sit in an apartment in London after another day treading the pavements abroad.

My husband and I planned this overseas trip that is almost coming to an end always with our children front and centre. We wanted them to have opportunities to see other cultures, to live as others live, to gain an understanding of world history and our place in it. There’s little doubt it’s done that, and so much more.

My fondest memories are of the time we have spent as a family. Not just the happy and tranquil moments, but the times when we’ve been squabbling on the streets as we find ourselves aimlessly lost, or the times when we walk through yet another subway station and hit another infernal passage of stairs. The best times have been when my children have put their arms around my shoulder and waist and walked with me down cobbled streets sharing the moment.

I always worry that I work too hard, or commit too much time to others and not the ones closest to me. This trip has been special. I’ve taken myself away from everything that is a distraction and committed to family. I don’t think I’ll be living a life with regrets.

6 Replies to “No regrets”

  1. No regrets for sure! Great family times and a wonderful education for the kids. Hoping for safe travel as y’all head home.

  2. I’m sure your family will reminisce these special times with you in the future with many “Remember when…” moments. Enjoy this last part of your trip.

  3. Hi Jenny, I am very grateful to have been assigned your blog for the past few weeks, I really like your style of writing and have found inspiration within your posts. This last post focused on regrets has me in deep thought and reflection. It is so important for everyone to live in the present, and not the past or always looking towards the future. This has been a hard concept for me as being in a long distance relationship for quite some time. It’s always good to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the little things.
    I also really enjoyed the video by Matthew O’Reilly, it was very moving and showed a new perspective on having no regrets.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hey, I am a Sophomore at the University of South Alabama. I have been assigned your blog to read and comment on and I am happy to have the chance to read this! It is very cool that you moved your family for the betterment of your children. I wish I could take all of my future students to different countries I think if you can help the kids understand others, they will love them too. Wouldn’t that be nice? Whether you are in London or in Alabama I think the best memories we have are of us simply living and loving and trying with the love of our families around us. It’s hard to regret doing something if it’s with the people you love. I think that’s what life is about. Not so much what you do but who you do it with and for. If you want to see what we are doing in EDM310 check out my class blog.

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