School’s out Friday

I saw this shared on Twitter this morning from Guy Kawasaki. It’s an older video, but one of those timeless pieces that pulls at the heartstrings and gives you a bit of a laugh in the process.

What I can tell you is this – I did not receive a marriage proposal that looked anything like this. In fact, when I think back on it, I’m not sure it was a formal proposal at all, more like an understanding that we were going to stay together and get married. Maybe longevity in a marriage can’t be measured on the quality of the proposal, because an ordinary proposal has resulted in 27 years of marriage for my husband and I!

Speaking of longevity, this is the 300th School’s out Friday post on this blog. The first post appeared on January 25th, 2008. Here was what I said about ‘School’s out Friday’ and it’s purpose back then;

This brings me to today’s post. Here in Melbourne we have two radio presenters on Fox FM, Hamish and Andy. Their Friday afternoon broadcast is called ‘Pants off Friday’ because it is the end of the working week. I’ve decided that my Friday posts are going to be a bit of fun because it’s the end of the school week and I’m going to call them ‘School’s out Friday’.

Hamish and Andy are still around and on the radio, but I’m not sure if ‘Pants off Friday’ still features. I have to say, ‘School’s out Friday’ posts are one of the reasons this blog has survived. The duty I’ve felt to post regularly (not always weekly!), and then the guilt I’ve experienced when I see a string of weeks where the only posts are ‘School’s out Friday’ has often prompted me to write when enthusiasm has waned. Best of all, I really like them. Humour is an important element of my classroom practice and my life out of the classroom. Laughing on a regular basis is good for the soul.

Rainy weekend here in Melbourne after a spell of hot weather. Not my fave conditions, but it’s the weekend, so let’s make the best of it, huh? I hope you have a great one. 🙂

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