New Millenium Learners

Now here’s a conference I wish I could have attended, and not just because it was in Brussels and I could really do with a relaxing break right now!

The OECD’s  Centre for Educational Research and Innovation launched the New Millenium Learners Project in 2007 and they have just held a conference where they explored the first phase of their project. On their site, they detail their aims;

…the global aim of investigating the effects of digital technologies on school-age learners and providing recommendations on the most appropriate institutional and policy responses from the education sector. The project comprises two phases: the first phase explores the demand side, i.e., the changes, if any, experienced by learners. This phase is now coming to an end. In the second phase, current and emerging educational responses will be reviewed. The first NML conference aims at showcasing the results of the first phase and linking them to the next.

Tom March was lucky enough to be invited to the conference to participate in  a panel discussion,  The New Millennium Learners – Needs, Opportunities and Responses.

Tom has written a very thorough summary of his take on the conference, full of links to audio and PDF’s of keynote presentations.  I’ve read through Tom’s debrief, but haven’t had time to follow links to read more deeply. A good long weekend activity I’m thinking. Tom was also interviewed by the EdTech crew and that makes for an interesting 50 minutes or so of listening.

Thanks Tom, almost as good as being there. Did that sound convincing??

(and yes, I know things changed to italics, but wordpress wouldn’t let me change font and I’m too tired to keep working at it!)

EdTech Crew interview

Recently I was interviewed by Tony Richards and Darrell Branson, the Edtech Crew. The podcast of that interview is now available from their site if you follow this link. If I knew how to embed it here I would!

Tony and Darrell asked me about my foray into the world of blogging, my ideas about blogging as a classroom tool, the experiences I’ve had as an online learner and my involvement in Powerful Learning Practice; how this came about and what I think it will mean for the cohort that has been formed.  

After listening myself, I’ve realised that I talk at a mile a minute and say ‘you know’ an awful lot!  If you’re interested in hearing my voice instead of just reading my words, check it out.