EdTech Crew interview

Recently I was interviewed by Tony Richards and Darrell Branson, the Edtech Crew. The podcast of that interview is now available from their site if you follow this link. If I knew how to embed it here I would!

Tony and Darrell asked me about my foray into the world of blogging, my ideas about blogging as a classroom tool, the experiences I’ve had as an online learner and my involvement in Powerful Learning Practice; how this came about and what I think it will mean for the cohort that has been formed.  

After listening myself, I’ve realised that I talk at a mile a minute and say ‘you know’ an awful lot!  If you’re interested in hearing my voice instead of just reading my words, check it out.

4 Replies to “EdTech Crew interview”

  1. Jenny, I just loved listening to you and reading your No.42 post. It seems like you and I have been following parallel paths in our journey into blogging and the changes it has created in our lives and in how we view ourselves. Your interview has all the qualities that are so evident and readable in your blog- your great sense of humour, your honest and open approach to new knowledge and and that sense of excitement that comes from moving towards something so new but also so significant. Congratulations and well done. Count me as part of your audience!!

  2. Dear Jenny, It was great to listen to you talk about the amazing things you are doing this year. It has been a highlight of my holidays online. I was so excited when I saw that you were the special guest on EdTech after a few weeks of trying to get you on. It was fantastic to listen to two (actually three) of the people that I follow online in one session. Well done and thanks for sharing. Keep it up

  3. Hi Jenny.
    Just caught up with Tony & Darrel’s podcast. I very much enjoyed your comments on blogging. I started in January too, and found the initial writing process very painful! After 50 posts I’m much more comfortable. But thanks for sharing your thoughts .. they were very supportive of those in the Blogosphere!

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