Wicked Decent Learning podcast

I was lucky enough on Sunday morning to be able to participate in a podast with Jeff from Wicked Decent Learning. It was a really pleasant  hour and a half conversation about connections, learning, and how we implement change in our schools.  Mark Spahr joined us and it was great to be able to share with Jeff how Mark has helped my profile grow in Maine, USA.  He has been a stalwart follower and supporter ever since I started blogging in January last year. It was Saturday night their time; nice to know I was interesting enough for them to pass the time with instead of hitting the nightlife!!   

The podcast is up on their site. You can listen to it here or go to iTunes and download it. Just search podcasts for Wicked Decent Learning and look for episode 63.

Thanks Jeff and Mark for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences with you.      

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Do yourself a favour – subscribe to a Podcast

I’ve been slow to come to Podcasts. For that matter, I’ve been slow to move to  MP3 players.  I got an iPod classic with 120gig capacity for my birthday a couple of months ago. It’s been sitting there with its pathetic 112 songs on it since then. Finally I’ve had time to explore iTunes and the variety of Podcasts about education and technology that are available. With a bit of help from my Twitter network I’ve subscribed to quite a few.

Part of my initial hesitation was the simple fact that I didn’t really know what I was doing  when it came to downloading from iTunes. To those under the age of 20 that’s probably laughable, but my teenage years were in the  era of vinyl records and cassette tapes! I’m happy to report I have mastered the fine art of downloading and syncing to my iPod and now have hours of listening pleasure at my disposal. And all for free!! 

What I’ve subscribed to:

 (it’s very easy to search the Podcasts field of iTunes for these titles)

Driving Questions in Education

Ed Tech Crew

EdPod – ABC Radio National

EdTech Posse

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

SOS Podcast

Tech Chick Tips

TWIT – This week in technology

Seedlings – Bit by Bit

Wicked Decent Learning

Women of Web 2.0

21st Century Learning – Ed Tech talk

I can hear you asking, ‘When is she going to get time to listen to all that?’

Good question. I have an underused treadmill in my back room. I mentioned in an earlier post that my brain had been active but not much else of me this year! Now I can combine activity with learning and do my body and mind a favour.  


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