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I’ve been slow to come to Podcasts. For that matter, I’ve been slow to move to  MP3 players.  I got an iPod classic with 120gig capacity for my birthday a couple of months ago. It’s been sitting there with its pathetic 112 songs on it since then. Finally I’ve had time to explore iTunes and the variety of Podcasts about education and technology that are available. With a bit of help from my Twitter network I’ve subscribed to quite a few.

Part of my initial hesitation was the simple fact that I didn’t really know what I was doing  when it came to downloading from iTunes. To those under the age of 20 that’s probably laughable, but my teenage years were in the  era of vinyl records and cassette tapes! I’m happy to report I have mastered the fine art of downloading and syncing to my iPod and now have hours of listening pleasure at my disposal. And all for free!! 

What I’ve subscribed to:

 (it’s very easy to search the Podcasts field of iTunes for these titles)

Driving Questions in Education

Ed Tech Crew

EdPod – ABC Radio National

EdTech Posse

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

SOS Podcast

Tech Chick Tips

TWIT – This week in technology

Seedlings – Bit by Bit

Wicked Decent Learning

Women of Web 2.0

21st Century Learning – Ed Tech talk

I can hear you asking, ‘When is she going to get time to listen to all that?’

Good question. I have an underused treadmill in my back room. I mentioned in an earlier post that my brain had been active but not much else of me this year! Now I can combine activity with learning and do my body and mind a favour.  


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7 Replies to “Do yourself a favour – subscribe to a Podcast”

  1. Perfect timing Jenny- I have a nice new treadmill arriving tomorrow & have had the same thoughts about using my Ipod Touch! Your list of Podcasts couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks for the ‘heads up’!!

  2. Hey Jenny, great list. I listen to podcasts while I run in the morning..and Alex Ragone (in our PLP) who podcasts with Arvind Grover is great (the last on your list). They are both independent school people and talk about teaching and learning among other things!

  3. I used to exclusively listen to podcasts but I’ve discovered hooking into the live broadcasts are more rewarding. The SOS & TWIT podcasts have become more meaningful when I can actively engage the hosts of each of these shows.

    I prefer podcast shows that tweet their activities, as it makes it much easier to become part of the action.

  4. @Brian. I like listening to the live broadcasts too. SOS Podcast is a favourite of mine and because it is in a time zone favourable to Australia I can often engage in the discussions. See you in there in 2009!

  5. Thanks for your list. It’s funny but until the last few days I only had podcasts on my ipod as I didn’t know much about the music side. I had only bought an mp3 player to listen to podcasts. But now I feel like I have my itunes up and running with both. I plan to listen to a podcast every day in the morning on my way to school and chill to my favourite music on the way home (a 50 minute drive). I love my new car with built in ipod capability. ♥

  6. Congrats on the new job Jo – very close to my school. We may have to catch up for a lunch or two over the course of the year. A great opportunity for you to get some learning in while driving. My drive is only five mins so no opportunity there, but I am happy about being so close to work, especially when it such a great place.

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