School’s out Friday

Ever feel like you’re existing in situations like this? This video’s been around for awhile, but I saw it for the first time this week when a colleague shared it with me after seeing it at a PD session. Made me laugh, anyway.

I’m still at school, at 11.20pm. It’s our fourth Sleepout for Schools event, where our Yr 9 students come together to raise money for Daraja Academy in Kenya. Take a look at their blog, where they’ve dedicated a post to our efforts this week. I’ll write more extensively about this over the weekend, because these great kids deserve to be recognised for their commitment to others. Right now, they are attempting to settle down for the night, and we are getting ready to settle into our sleeping bags for what is not the most comfortable sleep we’ll ever have!

I hope your night’s sleep will be a little more relaxed and comfortable than mine. Have a great weekend. : )

School’s out Friday

Thanks go the wonderful John Pearce for sending me the link to this video and suggesting it for School’s out Friday. I love it. It’s from Denmark, and Mukhtar, a bus driver, had a birthday I’m sure he will never forget.

Humanity at its finest, if you ask me.

I’m about to spend a night sleeping over at school celebrating humanity at its finest with Yr 10 girls, who are fundraising to support Daraja Academy in Kenya. We are skyping late in the evening with Mark Lukach, who lives in San Francisco and is a spokesperson for Daraja Academy. This is the second year of holding Sleepout for Schools in support of Daraja. I am very proud of this fine group of young women who think beyond themselves and do what they can to support those in need. I am very lucky to know them and have the privilege of being one of their teachers.

Why don’t we all perform a random act of kindness for someone else this weekend. There’s something we can do to celebrate humanity.


School’s out Friday

Two students from my school presented at a conference held at my school yesterday. Both were students who participated in Sleepout for Schools last year. They were explaining to the participants how you go about using the tools of social media to communicate with others and perhaps get others to join you. They used ‘The Girl Effect‘ to finish their presentation. I was really pleased that they’d found this themselves, and knew that it was going to be something that really helps to illustrate how social media can convey a strong message.

And because this is School’s out Friday, I just had to include ‘The Boy Effect‘, a parody of ‘The Girl Effect’ made by Alex Fropple for a Geo project. Another example of someone using social media in an interesting way! Alex is quick to note in the description on YouTube that he doesn’t want to belittle the message of the original video, and nor do I. But it is funny, and worthy of School’s out Friday.

It’s been a full on week, even with a public holiday on Monday. My dog went missing on Wednesday and that didn’t help matters. Thankfully she’s home now, and we’re $130.00 the poorer for it!

Have a great weekend. Sunshine all round here in Melbourne. Lovely Autumnal weather. Warm days and cool nights. Just right!

Daraja Academy opens its doors

Mark Lukach edited this video showing the students from Daraja Academy in Kenya. He wanted to capture the energy of the school and i think he’s done a great job doing that. The school opened its doors three weeks ago to 26 girls from Kenya who otherwise would not have received an education. Congratulations go to Jason and Jennie Doherty who packed up everything in San Francisco and moved to Kenya to help realise this dream.

This is one of the reasons our Year 9 students are excited about starting planning for Sleepout for Schools, an idea they have cultivated to help raise money to support Girl’s education in Kenya and India. Watch the video and I’m sure you will see good reason for involvement in supporting such a cause. They are planning a sleepout at our school on May 22nd and participants will be seeking sponsorship with the aim of raising money to support a worthy cause like Daraja.

On that note, think about joining with us. We would love to see other schools collaborate with us, Mark Luckach’s school in San Francisco and Daraja Academy in Kenya. Daraja means bridge, and this is all about building bridges of support. Come and form part of that bridge with us.

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