School’s out Friday

Two students from my school presented at a conference held at my school yesterday. Both were students who participated in Sleepout for Schools last year. They were explaining to the participants how you go about using the tools of social media to communicate with others and perhaps get others to join you. They used ‘The Girl Effect‘ to finish their presentation. I was really pleased that they’d found this themselves, and knew that it was going to be something that really helps to illustrate how social media can convey a strong message.

And because this is School’s out Friday, I just had to include ‘The Boy Effect‘, a parody of ‘The Girl Effect’ made by Alex Fropple for a Geo project. Another example of someone using social media in an interesting way! Alex is quick to note in the description on YouTube that he doesn’t want to belittle the message of the original video, and nor do I. But it is funny, and worthy of School’s out Friday.

It’s been a full on week, even with a public holiday on Monday. My dog went missing on Wednesday and that didn’t help matters. Thankfully she’s home now, and we’re $130.00 the poorer for it!

Have a great weekend. Sunshine all round here in Melbourne. Lovely Autumnal weather. Warm days and cool nights. Just right!

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