School’s out Friday

Aahh…Taylor Mali. Wouldn’t you just love to be in a class led by Taylor Mali. His vast vocabulary and ability to craft clever, witty sentences would make for a stimulating learning environment. I’m sure a senior English class would benefit from exposure to this lesson about the pitfalls of poor spelling and inadequate proofreading. Think I might use it with my crew sometime in the near future.

It’s a long weekend here in Victoria. Time to catch up on much needed sleep. Couldn’t be happier!

Enjoy your weekend. I hope it treats you well. : )



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3 responses to “School’s out Friday

  1. Thank you Jenny! A priceless video. from the world’s most careless proofreader.

  2. Abigail Cooke

    Hello again!
    This video is absolutely hilarious. I have proofread many papers and such for classmates, and I have seen it all. Thank you for a great video. I suggested it to my classmates on our Facebook page. I will be posting the summary of your blogs today, March 10. Here is a link to my blog: and for our class blog: I am also on Twitter at @AbigailCooke1.

  3. So good! Loved listening to this. I’ll definitely share this with my English teachers.

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