Here’s something that I need. I can’t tell you how often I get home and am totally unprepared when it comes to putting together a meal for my family. I get in a rut and make the same thing on a weekly basis until I kill it and no-one will eat it anymore! I’ve got to the stage where takeaway is too often an option. Maybe the solution lies in Supercook -the intelligent recipe search engine. This is a search engine that finds recipes for you based on the ingredients you have available in your kitchen. When you get to the site you add the ingredients you have available and recipes display on the screen that you can make. Tags suggest other ingredient options you could include to expand the recipe options available. It’s a bit of fun but could also be useful if you have a busy life and find planning meals a chore. It could be a useful teaching tool for those teaching food preparation.

Amazing what you can find on the Web these days! Thanks to Emily Price from Download Squad for the alert to this site.

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