School’s out Friday

I love this! Love it, I tell you.

OK, if you’re an American, you probably have seen it already as it was one of those ads played in prime viewing time during your Superbowl. Somehow, it missed my radar until last night when my son showed it to me and suggested it should go on my blog. I’ve been laughing ever since. Maybe I just have one of those quirky sense of humours. That, and the fact that I have a soft spot for anything that evokes my memories of that epic experience of seeing Star Wars when I was thirteen. I’ve said it here before, but that image of the Star Cruiser panning across the screen surpassed any cinematic experience I’d had up to that point in my life. It made Jaws look amatuerish. And that was saying something in 1977.

To make the experience even better, here’s the out-takes and bloopers of the Volkswagon ad. More mirth and merriment!

And for those of you with a sense of black humour, take a look at this parody that inserts a Toyota in place of a Volkswagon.

It’s school holidays here in Victoria, and I’ve just spent an idyllic day at the Melbourne Zoo with my children and my Mother. Days like that make me wish I was always on holidays. I hope you have had a wonderful week, and that there is something special awaiting you this weekend

Enjoy. : )

School’s out Friday

This ‘Digital Story of the Nativity‘ just had to be the pick for School’s out Friday this week. It came to me from a tweet from Dean Groom, and it does make you think how things would be played out if Mary and Joseph were hunting for accomodation and the three Kings were sourcing gifts today. Well worth watching in my opinion.

Can’t write any more. I’m off on the hunt for a mouse in my house. Just what I need!

*Back – mouse successfully escorted from the premises, but not before me saying, “Where did it go?” and my son replying, “It’s on your foot.” And that’s exactly where it was! I don’t think I’ve moved quite so quickly all year – could be a new land speed record.

Enjoy the weekend. The last before the Christmas onslaught. Good luck with the shopping. : )

School’s out Friday

I don’t know how I missed this one. It’s another improveverywhere MP3 experiment mission filmed in October. On this occasion, improveverywhere agents downloaded the same MP3 file and played it at the same time, all following the instructions outlined in the recording. The results are great to watch. I really must get involved in a Melbourne based improveverywhere type mission someday. If one is on your radar, let me know!

My son had his graduation ceremony from Primary School tonight. Where did those years go? It seems like just a short time ago he was having his photo taken on his first day of Prep. Next year, High School. I must be getting on! (As an aside, how did these events evolve in Australian society? When I left Primary School, there was nothing like this!)

A couple more days of school for me next week and then it’s school holidays. I am very much looking forward to some downtime. We’ve spent the year in a temporary library and have been immersed in planning for a new library due to open at the start of the 2011 school year. Two ‘E’s apply to this experience – excitement and exhaustion. Right now, it’s the latter of the two that have taken over. I am definitely in need of revitalisation!

Hope the weekend holds something special in store for you. Enjoy it. : )

School’s out Friday

Thanks to Rhonda Powling for tweeting out the link to A Creative Commons Christmas Carol. Those of us trying to impress on others the importance of using a Creative Commons Share Alike licence will be singing along to the chorus. Watch for featured performances  Scotty Iseri of, Matthew Latkiewicz of, Lawrence Lessig, Leo Laporte, Cory Doctorow, Dick DeBartolo, Zadi Diaz, Kevin Kelly, and Mark Frauenfelder.

My reports are finished, exams are marked, no correction to be done. I’ll be living the life this weekend!

Enjoy what comes your way this weekend. : )



School’s out Friday

I enjoy Simon’s cat. Having two cats myself, I can identify with the behaviours on display in Simon’s animations. This one takes my fancy because Bella, one of my cats, will position herself under lamps when I’m correcting school work.

I’ve had another very busy week, and I’m just about to write about it too in another post. I’m looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow and some quality time with my daughter, who returned from two weeks in the UK this morning. When I got home she was already asleep, and we haven’t heard a peep from her for the last 6 hours or so. I’m guessing she’s not going to wake until mid morning, and hopefully will be back in a proper sleep cycle before the start of school next week!

Enjoy your weekend. I hope something special awaits you. : )

School’s out Friday

We’ve just got a Telstra TBox (to go with our 100G Bundle – I’m in internet download heaven!) and my son has been having a great time surfing YouTube and discovering cool videos. Well, videos he considers cool anyway. My Morning Run was one of them and it definitely fits the cool category. Watch these guys do Spiderman like moves without the aid of Hollywood special effects or velcro fingers! I’m in awe of them.

I’ve got a lot I want to write about this weekend if I can drag myself away from housework, or the lure of a sunny day. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever comes your way. : )

School’s out Friday

Nothing like a good flash mob to lift your spirits, get you moving and bring a smile to your dial. This flash mob came together in Rome and were promoting a new season of the US show ‘Glee‘.

I’m feeling a sense of glee tonight. I suspect there are plenty of Victorian educators feeling the same way.  It’s end of term time here in Victoria, and it’s been a long, cold, packed to the rafters term three. I’m so looking forward to some downtime and a few sleep ins. Maybe I can get rid of those black rings under my eyes over the next fortnight!

If you’re looking for something else to bring a little mirth to your life, check out the range of demotivators posters on offer from Despair, Inc : – ( .Thanks Adrian Bruce for sending out the link on Twitter this afternoon. I was chuckling for quite some time looking through the range.

Have a great weekend. Sleep in. : )