School’s out Friday

Yes, school’s out today and it’s Good Friday. Time for a feel good video. Easter is nigh and Victorian schools have broken up for the first term holidays. My husband sent me this video during the week and my kids and I have enjoyed watching the special moment that occurs between John Rendall and Ace Berg, two men, who, in the late 1960’s brought a lion named Christian from Harrod’s Department store for 250 Guineas. They reared him for a year in their London Apartment and then enlisted the help of George Adamson, of Born Free fame, to introduce him to the wild at Kora reserve in Africa. He was integrated into a pride and John and Ace returned to their life in London. After a year, they decided to return to see Christian. George Adamson reported that he had not been sighted for nine months and the chances of Christian recognising them would be slim. When they arrived, George told them that Christian had returned the previous night and could be found on his favourite rock in the park. Watch the video and judge for yourself whether or not a wild animal has any recall of their early life. It’s a feel good video and one my children and I have returned to again and again. Enjoy Easter with your families and share feel good vibes this video brings with it.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this story. I had never heard of it and love watching the video and reading the story. We never know what connections we make in our lives.

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